Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Trade

  1. Period
    1. The hire period is reckoned from the date and time on which the equipment leaves the Owners premises until it arrives back again, inclusive. If the Hirer wishes to use the Owners optional collection service, the hire ceases from the date and time the Hirer contacts the Owner to advise that the equipment is ready for collection.
    2. No allowance whatever can be made for time in which the hire equipment is not in use for any reason, unless special arrangements are made before the hire commences.
  2. Rates.
    1. Daily rates are based on a period away from the Owners premises of 8 hours.
    2. Hourly rates are by arrangement only and are based on hours away from the Owners premises unless otherwise specified.
    3. Any equipment requiring cleaning, refuelling, recharging or repairs on return will incur additional charges.
  3. Consumables
  1. Fuels, oils and other consumables (such as sand paper, cutting wheels, nails and the like), are the responsibility of the Hirer. The Hirer agrees to pay for all consumables supplied by the Owner.
  2. Only consumables approved by the Owner are to be used during the hire.
  1. Maintenance
    1. It is the Hires responsibility to check all fuels and oils daily before commencing work and to carry out any routine maintenance required during the hire period.
  2. Delivery
    1. Delivery and collection is an optional service provided by the Owner at the Hirers request.
    2. The transport charges are based on driver’s time and kilometres travelled from the Owners premises until returned back again, both for delivery and again for collection.
  3. Equipment
    1. The Hirer shall satisfy himself that the equipment is suitable and sufficient for the work to be done and that he or she can operate it correctly and safely.
    2. The equipment offered by the Owner is not purported to be new, but when leaving the Owners premises it is understood to be in good order and suitable for use under normal working conditions.
    3. The owner will not be responsible for any delay, accident or damage of any kind, direct or indirect, which may arise from defects or breakdowns of the equipment used.

  1. Operation
    1. The Owner shall determine if an operator is to be supplied with the equipment being hired, or whether the Hirer is qualified to operate the equipment themselves.
    2. The Hirer takes responsibility for ensuring that only competent operators use the equipment while on hire.

  1. Liability
    1. The Hirer takes full responsibility for all damage to and/or loss of hired equipment while it is away from the Owners premises.
    2. The Hirer undertakes to keep the equipment in his possession and control while it is away from the Owners premises and the onus for returning the equipment to the Owners premises lies with the Hirer.

  1. Insurance (Waiver of Damage)
    1. Irrespective of the provisions in clause 8, the Hirer may elect, or the Owner may require the payment of a waiver of damage (insurance) surcharge equal to 8% of the hire charges. On receipt of this payment, the Owner will indemnity the Hirer against liability for any loss or damage to the Owners equipment while on hire.
    2. However no cover shall be available in any case for:
    3. The first $500.00 of any claim.
    4. Damage due to misuse, abuse or negligence.
    5. Theft arising from the Hirer having failed to take reasonable precautions to protect the equipment.
    6. Damage to tyres and tubes.

  1. Breakdowns
    1. The hirer must notify the Owner immediately of any breakdown or damage to equipment on hire.
    2. The Hirer is not to undertake any repairs without the Owners written permission.

  1. Payment
    1. Payment must be made in full before the hire commences.
    2. If the Hirer has a credit account that has been approved by the Owner, the hire can be invoiced and must be paid in full by the 20th of the month following date of invoice.
    3. If credit accounts become overdue, a penalty of 1.5% per month will be payable in addition to the original amount, and credit is stopped until the account has been paid in full.

  1. Terms and Conditions.
    1. Charges for hire are strictly net cash, unless otherwise previously arranged with the owner.
    2. If default beyond the above terms of trade, then the Owner reserves the right to terminate the hire period forthwith and take any steps necessary to recover the equipment, recover all amounts due for the hire, reconditioning of equipment if required and all costs of recovery and transport of the equipment to the Owners premises.
    3. Further, the Hirer shall pay to the Owner all costs incurred in recovering any outstanding debt from the Hirer.
    4. All hire charges are based on current costs and are subject the change without notice.
    5. The owner reserves the right to inspect the hired equipment at any time and to terminate the hire forthwith if the equipment is not being used and maintained correctly.
    6. The owner takes no liabilities whatsoever in respect of third party or similar risks or for personal injury or consequential damage of any kind resulting from the use or failure of the Owners equipment.
    7. Further, the hirer indemnifies the Owner against any claim of any kind from third parties.
    8. The Hirer shall keep equipment hired under his own control and employed solely for his own work and shall not permit the equipment to be used by any other party.
    9. On termination of the hire, the Hirer shall deliver up the equipment cleaned and in good order as delivered, to the Owner.
    10. Unless agreed in writing before the hire commences the acceptance and use of equipment on hire from the Owner shall in itself constitute full acceptance of the above terms and conditions and of all charges stated on the Hire Agreement.

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